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   XML Value Validation      
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   Hands-on consulting      


Why Data Management Services?

Data Modelling is a proven technique for defining, structuring and documenting data structures.


Clearly known and documented data structures lead to:

  • Improved data analysis
  • More effective data quality initiatives
  • Better data-based business decisions
  • A clear data architecture strategy
  • More robust database implementations
  • Re-usable XML Schema component library
  • Library-based standardised XML messages
  • Sustainable change management
  • Appropriate validation of values in messages


Advanced Modelling Tool Suites support cost-effective management of data models:

  • Diagrammatic display of data structures

  • Generating databases and XML Schemas from data models

  • Reverse engineering of databases and XML Schemas

  • Synchronisation between models and database or message schemas

  • Versioning of databases, XML Schema component library and XML Schemas

  • Model-driven data architecture

  • Impact analysis before changing data structures

  • Web-publishing of models


Data Management Solution's hands-on consulting ensures that each data management solution is tailored to the client's needs and implemented at a technical level in order to reap the benefits.

For details, see the services offered, my résumé or feel free to contact me


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